Neciu Dan

Consistently strives for excellence by aiming to strike the perfect balance between Product Engineering and Platform Engineering. He is dedicated to delivering visually stunning user interfaces that lead to valuable product outcomes in a short period of time but also placing a strong emphasis on producing clean and easily maintainable code.

About me

Neciu Dan recently co-founded an ed-tech startup, where he serves as a technical co-founder. He is passionate about technology and education, and this new venture allows him to combine these interests. Despite the challenges of the startup world, he is committed to using his technical skills to transform the education industry and make a positive impact.

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Speaking Events

React Alicante 2024Upcoming

19th September 2024Alicante, Spain

React Rally 2024Upcoming

12th August 2024Utah, United States

Web Summer Camp 2024Upcoming

5th July 2024Opatija, Croatia

KCDC 2024Upcoming

28th June 2024Kansas City, United States

C3 FestUpcoming

15th June 2024Amsterdam, Netherlands

Internals Tech 2024

April 2024Limassol, Cyprus

Frontmania 2023

October 2023Ultrech, Netherlands

React Alicante 2023

September 2023Alicante, Spain

UtahJS Conf 2023

September 2023Sandy, Utah, United States

Hands On Testing 2023 - hybrid

September 2023Guadalajara, Mexico

Techorama 2023 Belgium

May 2023Antwerpen, Belgium

Soirée du test - Bordeaux - 2023

April 2023Bruges, France

Voxxed Days Athens - 2022

September 2022Athens, Greece

Vue Roadtrip Barcelona

July 2022Barcelona, Spain

Work experience

Lead Engineer
CareerOS, Barcelona, Spain
February 2023 - Present

- Built the a greenfield project, choosing the best tools for the job
- Implemented a Product Engineering Mindset to deliver the correct features to our users
- Leading and Mentoring junior Engineers
- Growing the team and product to the next level

Senior Product Engineer
Glovo, Barcelona, Spain
Oct 2020 - Feb 2023

- Improved Web Core Vitals from 50% green to 90% green in all categories.
- Lead and Implemented Product Filtering in our Catalogue that Improved CVR by 3% and Organic Traffic by 20%
- Added Observability Practices in the Web, custom dashboards and monitors, and reduced the errors in our app by 30%
- Working on the Authentification Flow, increased Sign up Rates by 10% and reduced the Sign up time by 50%
- Fixed 5 major security issues in the Web App and implemented a Security Culture in the team

Senior Engineer
Adoreme, New York, NY
Oct 2016 - Oct 2020

- Responsible for the migration of legacy AngularJS code to StencilJs
- Implemented Design System components into e-commerce website
- Improved the filtering experience that increased CVR by 1.2%
-Responsible for the CI/CD pipeline for 4 frontend applications
-Implemented two new projects that automated 90% the technical design processes
-Advocated for XP practices inside the team, like unit testing MOB programming and pair programming

GMP+WEBSTYLER, Bucharest, Romania
Apr 2013 - Oct 2016

Built various PR campaigns for clients like: Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Lidl, Kaufland, Orange, Vodafone, Samsung, etc.


Discover the proficiencies that allow me to bring imagination to life.

Frontend Programming

Proficient in building frontend applications using any JavaScript framework: React, Vue, Angular

Backend Programming

Skilled at developing in a couple of backend technologies: NodeJS, PHP, Go, Python with NoSQL or SQL databases

Mobile Development

Experienced in building mobile applications using React Native

User-centered mindset

Experienced in creating user-centered processes and leading teams to deliver the best user experience

Public Speaking

Experienced in speaking at conferences and meetups


Experienced in mentoring junior developers


Experienced in leading teams and projects


Experienced in communicating with stakeholders and clients

Security and Privacy

Experienced in implementing security and privacy best practices


Discover what colegues have to say about their experiences working with me.

" I can say without hesitation that Dan is among my favourite developers I have ever worked with.Fantastic technical skills: I worked with Dan on a very ambitious project to revamp Glovo's web app. This was a complex project both in terms of UI and performance. Dan led this effort while also mentoring the team. He proposed scalable solutions that helped us set a solid backbone. Dan led us to achieve a hockey stick increase "

Lokesh Mahajan image

Lokesh Mahajan

Principal Product Manager @ Zalando

" Dan is an extremely talented Senior Frontend Engineer. I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Glovo on the same team and later on cross-team initiatives. I was particularly impressed at Dan skills to build performance and scalable web applications. Also, he puts a lot of effort into quality assurance as well as monitoring them with observability tools. "

German Quinteros Image

German Quinteros

Senior Software Engineer @ Glovo

" He is a very talented engineer with a great eye for detail. He is a great team player and always willing to help others. He is a great asset to any team. Dan often thinks beyond day-to-day execution and takes full ownership of the projects. He proactively unblocks his team and foresees potential blockers ahead of time. "

Justyna Kaluzka Image

Justyna Kaluzka

Engineering Manager at Spotify

" Dan does not confine himself to just the technical side but engages in healthy discussions that challenge the designers and PMs to think further about the user experience. Dan also shows a keen interest in understanding the "why" behind the products that we build. He understands the business and customer implications of whatever the team builds. Dan has often led executive-level demos. "

Fotis Adamakis Image

Fotis Adamakis

Vue Author & Influencer

" We hit the jackpot when we hired Dan. He is a very talented developer, with a product focused mentality. He is a great team player and always willing to help others. He is a great asset to any team. Dan often thinks beyond day-to-day execution and takes full ownership of the projects. He proactively unblocks his team and foresees potential blockers ahead of time. "

Marcus Castro Image

Marcus Castro


" Working with Dan is a pleasure. I especially appreciate his ability to see the big picture and to understand the business impact of his work. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and to explain complex technical concepts in a simple way. Dan is a great team player and a very reliable person. "

Maximilian Stengel Image

Maximilian Stengel


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